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West Point, Virginia
West Point, Virginia

West Point Police Department

Town of West Point Police Department receives the designation of being the smallest accredited police department in the Commonwealth.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the West Point Police Department to serve all people within our jurisdiction with respect, fairness and compassion. We are committed to the protection of life and property; the preservation of peace, order and safety; the vigorous enforcement of local, state and federal laws; and the defense of the Constitution of the State of Virginia and the Constitution of the United States of America in a fair and impartial manner. We are committed to serving our community to enhance the quality of life and to nurture public trust by holding ourselves to the highest standards of performance and ethics. Our officers are determined to serve as a deterrent to crime, develop relationships with community groups, residential and business organizations, and promote an environment receptive to tourism, visitors, and residents and to support historic preservation in our Town. Additionally, we are dedicated to our personnel by providing continuous training and educational development, as well as career enhancement opportunities.

The West Point Police Department has and shall continue to provide service of the highest quality to its community and foster partnerships in crime prevention.


The Police Department offers the following programs to the children and citizens of West Point.

  • Child Fingerprinting
  • Halloween Safe Goodies Night at West Point Police Department
  • Tours of the Police Department
  • Smart, Safe, and Sober Program
  • S.R.O. Program [School Resource Officers]
  • Chief's Children Safety Talk
  • Domestic Violence Task Force
  • Victim Awareness Program
  • H.E.A.T. Program [Help Eliminate Auto Theft]
  • Home Property Checks
  • Secured and Friendly Environment (SAFE) Program

Meet Our Dedicated Town of West Point Police Department

Police Chief Robert W. (Bobby) Mawyer

John Edwards Town Manager of West Point Virginia

Bobby Mawyer is retired from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF), where he attained the rank of Captain during a career that spanned over 25 years. A graduate of Highland Springs High School and Virginia Tech, Bobby taught high school for several years prior to becoming a Virginia Game Warden in 1987. While employed with the VDGIF, he attended a number of leadership and management programs. Prior to his retirement and currently, he remains active in the Virginia Law Enforcement Accreditation Coalition (VALEAC) and serves as the organizations Past President. Bobby enjoys a number of interests outside the realm of law enforcement and is proud to serve the citizens and visitors of the Town of West Point. Bobby is married to his wife (Carol) of over 30 years and together, they have three grown children.

Administrative Assistant Karen H. Schumacher

Mrs. Schumacher was born in Maryland and relocated to Virginia in January 2002. She worked for the Internal Revenue Service and then the Federal Bureau of Investigation, HQ-DC. She resigned from the federal government as a GS 14 working as a management analyst for an Assistant Director in Washington, DC at headquarters. She started working for the West Point Police Department in December 2011 as an Administrative Assistant.

Sergeant Lisa Woodson

Sergeant Lisa Woodson worked for Williamsburg City Police as a patrol officer and New Kent Sheriff’s Office both as a dispatcher and as a Deputy Sheriff. She has been with West Point Police since 2003 and was promoted in 2005 to the rank of Sergeant. In this capacity, Lisa is responsible for a number of the day-to-day administrative activities of the police department as well as supervising officers and responding to calls for service as warranted. Sgt. Woodson has attended numerous training programs during her career, including those directed and skill enhancement and leadership. She enjoys living and working in the community we serve.

Investigator David M. Taylor

David M. Taylor began his law enforcement career in 1990 when he attended Hampton Roads Regional Criminal Justice Training Academy. Since that time he has gained a multitude of experience and training in the field and currently serves the Town of West Point as an investigator and supervisor. In addition, David is currently assigned to the Twin Rivers Narcotics Task Force and the FBI’s Violent Crimes Task Force.

Senior Officer Jason D. Harlow

Upon graduating from the Rappahannock Regional Criminal Justice Academy in 1995 Officer Jason Harlow began his career as a deputy with the King William County Sherriff’s Department where he was assigned to patrol the Town of West Point. In 1998, he was sworn in as an auxiliary officer with the newly formed West Point Police Department. Jason became full-time with the Town in 1999. He has completed several training courses during his career and has served as an Investigator during which time he was also assigned to the Virginia State Police Multi-Jurisdictional Task Force. During his time with the Department he has been awarded “Employee of the Year” from the Town, and “Citizen of the Year” from the local VFW along with several other commendations. He has lived most of his life in West Point and currently resides in the Town of West Point.

Police Officer Benjamin Langford

Officer Benjamin Langford started his career in law enforcement in June 2008 when he began dispatching for Middlesex County Sheriff's Office. In January 2009, Ben worked as a Court Deputy until March of 2009 where he attended the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy. He then worked as a road deputy answering calls for service, and continued in that role until 2015 with the exception of assignments as a School Resource Officer. In 2014, Ben became very active in the community and joined the Central Middlesex Volunteer Rescue Squad. Officer Langford then seized the opportunity to become a West Point Police Officer in 2016 and looks forward to serving all of our citizens and visitors.

Police Officer Stewart Meredith

Officer Stewart Meredith is a native of Sandston, Virginia and now resides in New Kent County. He is a Graduate of Varina High School and attended Virginia Commonwealth University. Stewart has served with the New Kent County Sheriff’s Office as a Communications Officer and Patrol Deputy. Officer Meredith began working for the West Point Police Department in August of 2015 and looks forward to serving the town for years to come.

Police Officer Richard Morris

Officer Richard Morris began with West Point Police Department in February, 2013 as an Auxiliary Police Officer. In August, 2013, he accepted employment as a full-time police officer with West Point. He attended high school and college in Honolulu, HI. He served our country in the United States Air Force for 5 years and his assignments included Langley Air Force Base in Hampton, Virginia, South Korea and Honduras. Richard has over 23 years of law enforcement experience. Before coming to West Point, he was employed as a Deputy Sheriff in Southampton County where he was assigned as an Investigator and Public Information Officer. He has attended numerous specialty training courses and is a certified Department of Criminal Justice Services Instructor.

Police Officer William P. Schramm

Officer Bill Schramm graduated high school in Ithaca, N.Y. and joined the U.S. Coast Guard. He relocated to this area in 1998 to serve his final tour as an instructor in the Weapons School at the Coast Guard Training Center in Yorktown, VA. and retired as a Gunner’s Mate Chief in 2003. Bill ran his own business for a few years but ultimately returned to law enforcement and attended the Hampton Roads Criminal Justice Training Academy in Newport News, VA. He graduated the Auxiliary Basic Law Enforcement Class in 2010 and became an Auxiliary Deputy with the Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office. He worked and trained with Gloucester County Sheriff’s Office for one year before being hired on full-time as a Patrol Officer at West Point Police Department. Officer Schramm is currently working as the School Resource Officer in the West Point Public Schools.

Organizational Values


We are committed to conducting ourselves in a manner that brings honor to the department, the Town, and ourselves.


We are committed to respecting the individual rights, human dignity and the value of all members of the community and the department.


We are committed to nurturing the public trust by holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics.


We are committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service to the community with the goal of enhancing the quality of life within the Town of West Point, Virginia.


We are committed to achieving a level of performance that exceeds all expectations. We Begin with Pride and End with Excellence

History of the West Point Police Department

The Town of West Point was incorporated on July 19, 1870 and realizing a need for a police department they employed Mr. Hunsford Anderson as Sergeant of the Town on September 15, 1870. His duties were not restricted to law enforcement functions, but included town clerk, treasurer, and duties of a town manager. On January 3, 1871, the Mayor, John Whitbeck, appointed eight special policemen whose duty would entail assisting the Sergeant when called upon to preserve the peace and to arrest any violators. These officers were paid one dollar [$1.00] per incident whereby an arrest or other special duties were performed.The Mayor appointed two police officers on October 4, 1876, Officer David D. Harrison and Andrew Hicks. Nearly one hundred years later, on July 1, 1976, the Town of West Point decided to obtain law enforcement coverage from the King William Sheriff's Office. This contractual agreement continued for the next twenty-two years.

The Town decided to end its utilization of the Sheriff's Office and establish their own Police Department and on August 15th 1998, the West Point Police Department was formed with six full time personnel, who include the Chief of Police, five police officers, and two civilian personnel.

The newly formed Police Department initiated its operational development through community oriented policing. The Chief of Police initiated a walking beat on Main Street, where the majority of the town's businesses are located. The program known as "Park, Walk, and Talk", which entailed officers parking their patrol vehicles and walking Main Street the major commercial district, entering businesses to check on daily activities, and form a relationship with owners and citizens alike. The relationship with business owners assisted the department in reducing criminal activities, by obtaining information of any illegal activities that could be dissolved prior to it becoming a major problem.

In 1999 the West Point School system met with the Chief of Police to discuss the ongoing problems nationwide with school violence. The department obtained a grant for a school resource officer who would work in the schools on a full time basis to form bonds with the youth of our community. The school resource officer interacts with the students, staff, and parents on a daily basis continuing the community police philosophy adopted by the West Point Police Department. Some programs implemented by the School Resource Officers is the YADAPP (Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project, The Buckle Up Challenge and The Prom Promise.

The department utilized local news media to deliver the department's mission statement "Dedication to Public Safety". The department understood that survival could not be achieved without full community support.


The department strives to remain current in its involvement in programs designed to educate the public about safety, awareness, and it's law enforcement efforts in the community. One such way to promote these efforts in conjunction with conforming to the best management practices law enforcement is to become an accredited agency. The West Point Police Department accomplished this feat in 2013 and remains an active voice in the process throughout Virginia and the country. As the smallest accredited police department in Virginia, West Point serves as a model to agencies both large and small on how a professional law enforcement organization functions.

The department has reached several of its original goals that the citizens of the Town of West Point originally had for their police department. The response times for calls for service have been reduced by fifty percent since the inception of the department. Through community police oriented programs we have built a relationship of trust and confidence in the community we serve. Citizens and officers are working together to deter and solve crimes that occur in our community. The West Point Police Department presently consists of a Chief of Police, Sergeant, School Resource Officer, Five Patrol officers, and one investigator. The Chief of Police frequently publishes articles with the local news media to inform citizens of our education, public safety, and enforcement efforts. The technological advancement has been achieved through grants and personal expertise of its members. The department has installed high speed internet connectivity and obtained grant supported Regional Data Sharing with King William County, New Kent County, and King & Queen County Sheriff departments. The department has equipped the officers with grant funded radar systems, spike tire deflation strips, two patrol bicycles, speed trailer, and a Stealth Stat speed/traffic analysis unit.

Report a Crime, Complaint or Submit a Commendation

Please click appropriate link below, fill out the form and either mail or drop off:

Emergency Information

Emergency Medical Information

If you live in the Town of West Point and you have a special medical condition, this information, along with directions to your home, can be entered into our 911 system and will appear on our 911 screen should we receive a call from you. It is helpful to have this information ahead of time since such details can be forgotten in an emergency situation. Feel free to call our Dispatch Center at 843-2670. The questionnaire form is attached here.