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West Point, Virginia
West Point, Virginia

West Point Public Works

The Town of West Point's Public Works Department includes the divisions of:

General Properties

The General Properties Department is responsible for the maintenance and repair of both the buildings and properties which are owned and operated by the Town of West Point.

Properties include:

  • West Point Town Hall
  • West Point Downtown Business Center
  • West Point Library
  • West Point Police Station West Point Public Works Complex
  • West Point Sports Complex
  • West Point Town Square
  • Beach Park
  • Glass Island Boat Landing

Streets & Alleys

The Streets & Alleys Department provides general maintenance for all town streets and other right-of-way property.

As an incorporated town with a population under 3,500 residents, the Town of West Point shares certain maintenance responsibilities with the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Virginia Department of Transportation maintenance responsibilities include:

  • Pavement patching and resurfacing
  • Roadside Drainage and drainage which negatively impacts the roadway
  • Sidewalks within the Right-of-Way, constructed and funded as part of a VDOT construction project.
  • Snow Removal - VDOT gives first priority to Primary Routes, then Secondary Routes.

Town of West Point maintenance responsibilities include:

  • General Street Maintenance
  • Street Sweeping Program
  • Street Signage, Name Blades
  • General Pothole Repair
  • Alley Maintenance (North/South Alleyways)
  • General Sidewalk Maintenance
  • General Grass Maintenance
  • Public Drainage
  • Mosquito Control Program

Solid Waste Collection Department

The Solid Waste Collection Department provides service to the residents and select businesses in town. The service provides weekly solid waste collection, weekly curbside recycling service and monthly bulk item collection.

September 26th, 2011

The West Point Town Council unanimously approved the adoption of Ordinance No. 9-11, which established standards and procedures intended to protect the residents’ health and welfare while establishing fees aimed to support the collection and disposal of solid waste.


The fees established are intended to be reasonable and equitable fees to cover the cost of continuing to provide a comprehensive system for collecting, transporting, processing and disposing of solid waste. This rate currently ONLY addresses the weekly solid waste collection service.

  • $10.00 per month, per container for regular household trash pickup
  • $13.50 per month, per container for commercial customers.
    This charge will be seen on your bi-monthly water utility bill.

Why is this mandatory?

By requiring a community wide, residential solid waste service for every residential property, we will ensure future stability of the refuse collection service while significantly reducing potential illegal dumping.

Other Items of Interest

Water Utilities Department

The Town of West Point’s water supply originates from one of three drilled wells and two elevated storage tanks located throughout the town. Average daily use is approximately 500,000 gallons, with 600,000 gallons of storage capacity. The water department is responsible for the maintenance of these facilities in addition to over 175 fire hydrants, and over 1,200 residential and commercial service connections. See also:

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Normal Operating Hours: (804) 843-4363

After Hour and Weekend Emergencies Only! (804) 843-2670