What to See and Do

Fishing and BoatingThe popular Glass Island Boat Landing is owned and managed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. Glass Island Landing provides fishing access, a boat ramp, kayak launch, picnicking facilities, and parking for approximately 35 vehicles and trailers. See more information at the Bureau of Inland Games and Fisheries. Turn left on Glass Island Road just before reaching the Lord Delaware Bridge, east of West Point, and follow the road to the parking lot. Obtain a fishing license online here.

Access to the York River is provided at Beach Park located at 1st and Main Streets in downtown West Point. This park provides an exceptional view of the York River and gives the visitor an appreciation for the dynamic confluence of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers. Follow Main Street to the end to reach Beach Park.
Kayaking and CanoeingWith four launch sites in the Town of West Point in which to push off from, West Point is an ideal place to go kayaking or canoeing (Glass Island Landing, West Point Creek, 5th Street Beach on the Mattaponi River, and Beach Park at 1st & Main Streets). When you are paddling the waterways of West Point, you are sure to see fiddler crabs, blue crabs, and muskrats scurry along the marsh edges. Look up toward the sky and marvel at the sight of the blue heron, green heron, bald eagle. and osprey nesting along the water edge. We have over 30 different species of duck and geese which visit throughout the year so you are sure to see plenty of water fowl. Whatever the season, you will enjoy the plentiful wildlife our waterways harbor. A Paddler’s Guide to West Point Waterways.
Riverwalk TrailCyclists and walkers enjoy the Riverwalk Trail. From The Pavilion at Riverwalk Park, follow the walking path under the Lord Delaware Bridge. This route parallels the Mattaponi River past marsh land and includes scenic overlooks. This historic area is near the site of the former Indian village of Cinquotek, chief village of Opechancanough, brother of Chief Powhatan. Historians believe that this was the site where Captain John Smith was taken as a prize captive in 1607. The Trail concludes around 8th Street near former ferry landings and warehouses from the 1800's. Loop back on the Trail or turn left on Lee Street in the Historic District. Lee Street will connect to another spur of the Riverwalk Trail and return you to your parking area. 
Historic Walking TourPrint a copy of the West Point Historic Walking Tour Map. This tour starts on 14th Street and follows through the historic downtown area along the sidewalks which follow the grid pattern of the streets. The historic buildings found in the the district include period representatives from the Victorian Italianate, Queen Anne, and Gothic Revival architectural styles, as well as Sears mail-order houses. At 5th Street, the York Wholesale Building stands as the sole survivor of a once extensive warehouse, wharf and railroad district. What is believed to be the oldest brick dwelling in West Point stands at 206 Main Street. It was built in 1887 by Robert Dudley, son of Alexander Dudley, who headed the Richmond and York River Railroad. The tour continues to Beach Park, once the site of the 200 room Terminal Hotel, which offered recreation facilities to thousands including a boardwalk, amusement park, skating rink and dance pavillions. This point offers a good view of the confluence of the Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers into the York River. Looping back towards 7th Street, the tour passes sites once occupied by wharfs, oyster houses and ferry boat landings and site of the future 7th Street Marina.
native american museumsThe Pamunkey Indian Reservation is one of the oldest in the nation and features a museum, shad fishery, and pottery school. The museum collections, organized by periods, provide an in-depth history of the ancient and modern Pamunkey Indians, with some artifacts dating back 12,000 years. One site that attracts attention on the reservation is Powhatan's grave site. To learn more, visit https://pamunkey.org/museum-cultural-center.

The Mattaponi Museum is less formal. It holds many artifacts, some dating to 5000 BC, which are labeled with handwritten index cards. One of its most famous exhibits is a necklace that once belonged to Pocahontas. Often referred to as Pocahontas' people, the Mattaponi are the direct descendants of Powhatan and Pocahontas. Visit the Mattaponi's website for more information and to schedule your visit to the museum: https://www.mattaponination.com/.
GolfThe Country Club of West Point offers nine holes of golf with reciprocal arrangements with other private clubs. 
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