Solid Waste Collection

The Solid Waste Collection Department provides service to the residents and select businesses in town. The service provides weekly solid waste collection, weekly curbside recycling service, and monthly bulk item collection. To set up service or obtain answers, contact Town Hall at 804-843-3330 or

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Solid Waste Collection Route
Local Convenience Centers for Solid Waste and Landfills
Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority

The West Point Town Council unanimously approved the adoption of Ordinance No. 9-11 in 2011, which established standards and procedures intended to protect the residents’ health and welfare while establishing fees aimed to support the collection and disposal of solid waste.
FeesThe fees established are intended to be reasonable and equitable fees to cover the cost of continuing to provide a comprehensive system for collecting, transporting, processing and disposing of solid waste. This rate currently ONLY addresses the weekly solid waste collection service.

  • $10.00 per month, per container for regular household trash pickup
  • $13.50 per month, per container for commercial customers
This charge is included on your bi-monthly water utility bill.
Why is this mandatory?By requiring a community wide, residential solid waste service for every residential property, we will ensure future stability of the refuse collection service while significantly reducing potential illegal dumping.